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Janni Rosenkrantz Frank
Creativ photographer and artist

Denmark, Sealand

This is me

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I have been a photographer since 2004 and I still love it.
Now I´m also an artist and work with anything I find interesting.
It is a strong passion to me.

It has taken me around, both mentally and physically
... and I still find new ways to create new things!

References and Links

Artshop, "Løvens hule" with artist Lise Højer. Gl. Lellingegård, Bakkeledet 9, 4600 Køge.
Måløv School - teaching photo for the kids.
Profile pictures and portraits.
Debra Lilley - DCL - Private portraits and website.
Mogens Norgaard - Fair And Sqare - Private pictures and events.
The Tipsy Monks - - Photoshop for website.
Photomagazine Zoom - Photoarticle.
Herlev Photoclub - Photoclub - Lectures.
Hjembek boarding school - The school - Workshop for girls.
Home Guard - Ballerup - Exercise "SMIL 2012".

And many many more...

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